Thursday, 24 December 2009

Wishing you a very happy Christmas!

Well I thought I'd break my blogging sabbatical with a post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! It's been a tough year all round, and I have taken this year to think quite hard about my future and what I do going forward. I took four months off this year to travel through Central America, which was the best decision of the year, as well as being the perfect way to recharge my creative spirit. So, I will endeavour to restart blogging with a vengeance next year (I no longer have my Leica camera that helped me take such great photos for my blog - so hoping to replace it and get shooting great photos again), and get back into blogging and photographing food and my love of cooking.
So, for those of you who have been loyally following the sporadic prose of 'theurbanfoodie', posting such awesome posts on here and firing my imagination further, I wish you a wonderful holiday and much merriment and festive feasting.
Merry Christmas!
Steven X