Friday, 9 March 2007

and then there were three..

I just have to say that it was really tough to watch tonight's programme, particularly as it was the point on our journey where Hannah, Ben and myself had to say goodbye to David. Seeing his Masterchef dream end so abruptly that night was tough to witness, and even though we had the opportunity to sup champagne and celebrate our collective successes, I was only too aware of the long journey home he faced, with all of the day's tribulations running through his mind.
I think David has already proven he is an original and highly skilled cook, whose style and charisma is as fulfulling and fantastic as his brilliant cooking. I have every faith David will continue to inspire so many people with his talent for creating food with such honesty and integrity, and make famous long forgotten dishes like the Pan Haggerty.
It may be the end of David's run on Masterchef 2007, be I am certain this won't be the last anyone will be hearing from him.
Go work your magic Davey boy!!!


Frillz said...

Steven, so close to call at the moment and we don't yet know the final results, but it's terrific watching you on TV, I'm sure whatever the result, you'll go far, as it's clear to see the love and talent you have with, and for, food.

OK the blog's a bit thin as yet, but I hope you get the time to continue, as it's very compelling - and yes, from your Thai Curry and Orange dessert, we were rooting for you!

Best Wishes for the future.

David Hall said...
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loulou said...

Just found your blog via Beeker, and happened to catch the two episodes last night.
I thought you were amazing - cooking for all those chefs and compliments from Mr Roux himself.
You obviously know the outcome already but I'm rooting for you!

TwoIfBySea said...

Congratulations Steven, a worthy winner! Watched this series eagerly and was delighted that someone who obviously loves food and cookery so much won. Look forward to seeing or reading more about your further adventures in cooking.

Well done!

dancingbambi1 said...

Dear Steven,

I just wanted to say a huge congratulations on winning MC2007! I haven't been able to watch the show sadly as I live in Cyprus at the moment however I have been following the show's progress as much as I can.

I am Peter Bayless' step-daughter and so I know through some of his stories what a momentous challenge taking part in the series is so well done for coming out of it the other side and as the WINNER!!

Well done again and best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Steven,
You were a well deserved winner of Masterchef. I hope you go on to enjoy a great future in food. Your skills and charisma should guarantee this. Bravo.
Brendan Ashton