Thursday, 8 March 2007

My kitchen audience...

Some of my 'friends' collected from my travels here and there.


sherbertdab said...

I really admire your style of cooking but moreover your apparent stubbornness in remaining true to your own style. You come across very well on MCGL. After seeing you work so well with Hannah, some of us have been hoping that you will both embark on a gastro affair and open an eatery in which we can sample your culinary delights!

Well done and good luck for the future.

Steven said...

Dear Sherbertdab,
Thanks so much for your great comments and support. It is really touching to know that you find what I do (albeit, sometimes to the detriment of my progress) worthy of admiration. I'm a firm believer in being true to your own style and to refine that as much as possible.
The idea of Hannah and myself co-running a gastro business would be my idea of heaven. She really is utterly fabulous, not just as a cook but also as a treasured friend. Everything she has ever cooked has tasted amazing, and that's not even including her tremendous flair for baking and creating the most sublime confections.
Hopefully I can persuade her one day for us to join forces, so watch this space.

Hannah said...

Joining forces eh! Now that would be a force to be reckoned with!
Love always

sherbertdab said...

Woohoo! You little stars!! How fabulous that you both shone so brightly for the michelin chefs. Nail-biting stuff watching you both, I can only imagine how fast your adrenalin must have been pumping. You both deserve to win MC2007!

Steven said...

Thanks Sherbert!!!
Both Hannah and I were together last night to watch last night shows. We both had tears rolling down our eyes as we reconnected with the same emotions we through on both tasks. I cannot say enough how monumental they both were, not just as cooking challenges - but a test of nerve, strength and self-belief. I don't feel ashamed one bit to have lost my nerve and cracked, all I know is I had no choice but to turn the whole thing around and just cook my heart out.

I have to say that the true star was Hannah that night, who just totally outshone us all with her blinding talent.

sherbertdab said...

Congratulations Steven, absolutely brilliant! You and your tastebuds must be jumping for joy!

Not only have you gained the title of master-chef, you have gained a life-long friend in Hannah, I am sure.

....remember, we are waiting for that gastro affair to produce something quite wonderful!