Thursday, 12 April 2007

It's certainly been a while..

I think it must have more than a few weeks since I've even logged onto my blog, but I have been overwhelmed by work and new projects of all sorts. I'm happy in some the ways the dust has settled since the show's airing, as even going out for a pint of milk meant getting recognised and having someone tell you how much they enjoyed watching the show. All this has meant I have met so many lovely people who have just said the most wonderful things and also so many old friends who have got back in contact with me too - it's been weird yet very humbling. I got the most amazing letter from Belfast in the post last week, which I have to say moved me to tears. I'm not usually soppy, but I have been so touched by all of these great words of encouragement.
To be honest I haven't properly cooked anything in at least six weeks as I have thrown myself into earning some pennies again. I can't wait to start at Le Gavroche, but at the same time I'm just a bit apprehensive about being the new boy and probably getting everything wrong for the first few weeks. I know that comes with the turf, and pro kitchens (esp. ones with stars) are daunting, well at least to me they are, but like anything - you get out what you put in. Bring it on! I'm going to be cooking with Michel Roux Jr. at the Taste of London event in June, so I'm conscious that there's a fair bit I've got to learn before then (eek!).
I'm hopefully going get myself over to Borough Market this Saturday and get some lovely things to cook - I've not cooked my Thai fish curry in bloody ages, so I'll do it this weekend I think and post the recipe too. There's quite a bit of stuff I've started writing, which I am saving for a few projects, but I will certainly keep posting recipes. I'm taking inspiration from Hannah's amazing blog, which is full of so many lovely posts and her gorgeous cakes.
Excuse the mad photos, but these were taken after Hannah and I had a very long lunch with Gregg at Pied a Terre. We met Shane Osbourne, who is such a nice guy, and we were given a tour of the kitchen which I have to say was pretty pokey, but run with military precision. I was floored by the subtlety and finesse of Shane's cooking, which he devised for us especially, each course with served with incredible wines. It's amazing to think that food has such tremoundous powers of seduction, but cooking it at that level is genius, it really is. It made me realise I really do have so much to learn, but I think the process is going to be well worth all of the effort.
Will post more at the weekend and will make the fish curry and post that up along with some other random photos I'm sure.



Jaybles said...

Hi Steven, congratulations on MCGL btw, as if you needed more of those of course!

Was just wondering, is that Hannah in both pictures? I know it must be odd getting comments from the general public on your blog, in the street, etc, but I think people (myself included) enjoyed the show so much that we really just want you all to succeed and be happy. It's nice to hear some of you are still in touch with each other.

All the best with your kitchen career!

Erica (from Holland) said...

Dear Steven, how lovely that you have started adding to your blog again. Thanks also for the fabulous photographs that we were able to view via the link on Hannah's blog!

Good luck when you start your new job... I know that whenever you start a new job it is always hard, because there is so much to learn and people expect a lot of you, but Steven: just look back and think of all the challenges and meals that you cooked on Masterchef.
You are a wonderful cook and I am sure you will be great!


David Jenkins Hub-UK said...

Hi Steven

You said in this post "It made me realise I really do have so much to learn" - that was exactly what I said to my wife after I had watched you on the last two nights of Masterchef.

I envy you the time you will spend with Michel Roux Jr. I worked for Raymond Blanc some years ago, in his newly opened Brasserie in Cheltenham, and even though I was only a lowly kitchen assistant, who spent more time washing pots than doing prep or cooking, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to work with and talk to the Chef. I hope to read future posts about your experiences as they make great reading for anyone interested in cooking.

brenda said...

HI there.... I've just finished watching the Masterchef finals here in Hong Kong. Yes, we get it a year later! But that doesn't matter in the least because it was still a delight to see such generosity from you. It's wonderful that you and Hannah have continued your friendship and I wish you both success and happiness with cooking.

The blog is a feast for the eyes. Wonderful photography and an ebullient quirky style. The Cornish Christmas was an utter delight. I spent much of my childhood in Pendeen across on the North coast from Penzance. Wild and magically misty. The Gurnard's Head was a great restaurant l last time I visited it.

Very good wishes for your continued happiness,

Brenda Scofield Hong Kong