Friday, 28 September 2007

Amusing Amuses Bouche...approach with caution

As part of a recent dinner that I cooked, I quite glibly agreed to make amuse bouche as part of the evening's proceedings, with little understanding as to what a fiddle and a stress the whole experience would be. Having seen (albeit from safe distance) many fine chefs create their own renditions of amuses bouche, I thought that I too could have a go and create someting equally spectacular. Needless to say that the making and presentation of said 'mouth pleasures' almost derailed my timings for the rest of the courses, which it has to be said have always been my bete noire and left me in a bit of a timing tailspin. In future I will leave all of that fuss to the professionals and the fine, gilded establishements where they belong.
My nonsense rendition included:
Baby Vine Tomato stuffed with Tartare of Beef with White Truffle Oil and Black Sesame seeds, Sauternes Jelly with Salmon Cavair, Peashoots and Haiwaiian Black Salt.

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