Friday, 28 September 2007

Raising awareness for Action Against Hunger

I was recently asked to cook at the Speciality Fine Food Fair 2007, Olympia for the charity Action Against Hunger.
I was thrilled to be asked, and took great pride in representing Action Against Hunger. I found the initial task of cooking in front of an audience rather daunting, but that soon gave way to my mission; raising public awareness in the charity's work in 43 of the world's under developed nations, where poor sanitation and malnutrition pose a serious threat to millions of men, women and children. Action Against Hunger work tirelessly to help restore these facilities in communities such as effecient water facilities, and helping restore crop yields to combat famine and its social and economic consequences.
I will be hosting some fundraising dinners, with the profits going to Action Against Hunger, with future demos also raising awareness and funds wherever possible. Please see their website for details on donating and further information on their brilliant work.

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