Saturday, 29 September 2007

Seasonal beauties...the ornamental gourd

I have always loved gourds and I collect them in different shapes and sizes, from massive bloated ones (a half of one is a vessel for magazines), to ones that have been intricately pierced and scarred with patterns that resemble African tribal markings. These coloured ones I fished out of my local farmer's market, and since I bought them I haven't had the heart to chop them up into one dish or another.
Instead they are going to sit around like a vegetal still life and play at being a Francis Bacon in my kitchen. I could, like Martha Stewart immortalise them as lampshades or as a snazzy clutch bag (see other images), but instead I'll take great joy in watching their colours gently fade.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steven,
Have just watched the final show of Masterchef here in New Zealand and wanted to pass on a big CONGRATULATIONS!!
You are certainly entering an exciting and ever changing world!
I have been in the industry for just over 10 years.
You certainly have an amazing future ahead of you, best of luck with your future endeavours.
Warmest regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Steven, as the previous person just wrote, we have just viewed the final episode here of Masterchef. Congratulations - you all did an amazing job this year and I think it was much harder than previous years. I am so glad you won, you totally deserved it and I am also wrapped to read that you and Hannah have become good friends!

Lynda, New Zealand