Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Gazetteer - Verde, Spitalfields

Tucked away in Shoreditch is one of my favourite foodie emporiums, Verde. Sat opposite Spitalfield Market and owned by the writer Jeanette Winterson, Verde is a Dickensian gem selling fabulous handmade chocolates, artisan pantry supplies, spices, teas and homemade cakes and pastries, as well as pretty much anything you desire to order. In the winter this bijou store sometimes has a crackling fire, and when possible you can squeeze in and sit and have tea and macaroons. I always have to go in and have a poke about whenever I'm in East London, where you can get lost amongst so many of the wonderful things for sale.

Verde, 40 Brushfield Street, London E1.


vida said...

Darl, why didn't you invite me to this little Nirvan??? It screams my name... beckoning me to enter and enjoy all the things I love most in the world... Vida x

Steven said...

Well next time you're in London there'll be plenty of places I'll take you too - this place you'll love!

vida said...

Steven, thanks, you are a honey and don't think I won't come... I will be there with bells on and we can run amuck, a real eating frenzy!!! Vida x