Thursday, 15 November 2007

Summer Travels - Amsterdam

This has been one of those posts that has been lurking around, too big to write and publish quickly, but too good a memory for me not to. I was in Amsterdam for a weekend in June after meeting my friend Sam at Colombia Road Flower Market. Needless to say we instantly hit it off, and before long there were exchanges of all sorts and for me an invitation to come over to Amsterdam. Curiously enough, Amsterdam had never been on my cultural radar - but I knew I had make the effort to visit it, as it, like most European cities is always well worth a visit.
To say that I fell in love with Amsterdam, is an understatement - of all the cities in Europe I could live in, Amsterdam (besides London & Paris) is it. So, rather than me rattle on about the city, it's relaxed and slightly louche lifestyle, the canals, the boats or the hashish, I will stay focused on the food, in particular a rather fabulous meal that made for Sam and her friends, and the wonderful organic food market where we spent the day gathering produce.


vida said...

Steven, you have outdone yourself with the blogging, talk about making up for lost time... feast and I have forgotten the famine!! Vida x x

Steven said...

Thankyou Vida, glad you are liking it all.. indeed I needed to make up for lost time. Chat soon, SX

Anthony said...

I felt the same way about Amsterdam until I visited a few weeks back. It's such a lovely city and will be sure to return

Steven said...

Hey Anthony,
Yeah, it's such a gem of a city. There's an amazing fleamarket there called at Ij Hallen, whicj is on the first weekend of every month, one of the best fleamarkets I have ever been to, you should check it out sometime