Monday, 31 December 2007

Christmas Eve preparations - the early morning panic to collect the vegetables from Tregenza's, Penzance

Christmas Eve morning was met with the teensiest of hangovers, which soon gave way to panic and fear that the vegetables needed collecting from the greengrocers. Tregenza's, Penzance is one of those hard to find establishments that not only stocks local, fresh produce (some organic - some not), but also a whole array of spices and other larder ingredients.
For Christmas lunch I had ordered all the essentials; fine local potatoes to roast in goose fat, shiny bunches of carrots, parsnips, and handsome stalks of brussel sprouts with a bouquet of squeaky leaves that went on to make the most delicious bubble & squeak (a Boxing Day tradition). Other items included fennel, celery, leeks, chesnuts (these were French and in a jar), beetroot for curing some salmon and banana shallots. As I had left things a bit late (the stampede had already happened at 6.30am), I was left with a scant choice of fresh herbs to take home with me. Luckily I managed to grab the last few bundles of thyme and bay which I knew would do the trick nicely. So it was homeward bound and back to deal with the birds.

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