Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Paris, and the poetic genius of Pierre Gagnaire

I've had a couple of mad weeks that have included working on a very interesting production for the BBC, as well as writing, sourcing ingredients and seeing friends in the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately this past weekend I have become quite ill, and have found out that I have succumbed to a nasty bout of Tonsilitis, the less said about that the better.
So in light of my self imposed quarantine, I thought it an ideal time to share some of my experiences during my two week estagier at Pierre Gagnaire that I completed back in September. I will write about it in much richer detail throughout the week, after which I will of course focus upon my plans for Christmas and foods I love to cook. As I'll be in Cornwall this year it I will be using lots of locally caught fish and crabs, which I will be to cooked on the beach New England Clambake Style.
So, more to follow on Pierre Gagnaire tomorrow...


Anthony said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Steven said...

Getting there slowly.. thankyou for asking..

Vida said...

Steven, I hope you are feeling better and looking after yourself... Vida x x x x

Nilmandra said...

Tonsilitis... nasty. Hope you're on the mend and looking forward to your post on Paris and Christmas plans.

Jos said...

I'm so sorry to hear the french food made you so ill ;-) Stick to dutch cheese from now on!

Joseph said...

I found your blog on a google search. I live in America but I've not been able to find the recipe for the sort of prawn cocktails that I used to get in the UK (I'm not entirely partial to the tomato base used in making prawn cocktails here in the US). You wouldn't by chance happen to have a recipe that I can use. My recollection is that it was almost like a sweet and sour cream based sauce, but I could be wrong on that. Anyway if you can help I'd be appreciative.

SImsy said...

hey steven

when are you gonna update your site i love your blog keep up the good work


miss~nance said...

Hi Steven

Greetings from Worrigee, NSW, AUstalia. I have just finihshed wathcing Masterchef 2007 for the second time and I was just as excited to see you win it for the second time round. I had you and Hannah picked from your heats and am so pleased you have become friends.
I have just spent the last 30 minutes completely reading your blog and also popped over to Hannahs. Will call back form time to time to see what you are up to.

So a very very belated congratulations from me.


miss~nance said...

BTW SOrry to hear you have not been well.

Have a safe and Blessed Chrismas.