Saturday, 29 December 2007

Rhubarb & Ginger Pavlova

This is one of those desserts I always end up making when I've had to use excessive amounts of egg yolks and get left with a bowl full of whites. I know that meringue is not the most original thing create with these, but when feeding friends it always becomes a popular choice, especially where dessert is concerned.
I had bought some rhubarb earlier in the day with the specific intention of using it instead of the jetlagged and flavourless berries that were on offer.
I have learnt from Delia the magic quantities of egg white to sugar ratio to create a billowing meringue (3 egg whites to 6oz caster sugar), and also that a hand held whisker is far better and less exhausting than doing it by hand. (John's Grannie's hand whisker came in very handy here!). The other trick is to make the meringue the night before, allowing time to let it dry out over night.
The rhubarb was lightly stewed in it's own juices with golden caster sugar, vanilla pods, orange zest and some finely grated ginger root. Once softly stewed I then add some very finely chopped candied ginger (or ginger conserve), and some of the syrup.
I prefer to serve rhubarb just slightly warm, which combined nicely with a cold creme fraiche that also topped the meringue.

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