Friday, 4 January 2008

Gazetteer : Fifteen, Watergate Bay, Cornwall

One of the excursions out of Penzance I made during my stay was to Jamie Oliver's Fifteen at Watergate Bay, Newquay. As I was flying back to London that afternoon, I figured it would be a great place check out as I am already a fan of Fifteen in London. The restaurant is flanked by the most awesome views of the the beach (which had huge waves crashing onto it that day), as well as feeling smart and very buzzy, even for a wet post-Christmas lunchtime. With my usual head for timing (ie. not great) I had not figured in enough time to finish lunch, as I had a mad dash to the airport with my friends Katie and Nic, needless to say what I did have was fabulous, fresh and very delicious. We ordered a an appetiser platter for three; brimming with the vivid colours of smoky chorizo, salami, roasted crown prince squash, unctuous mozzarella and deliciously cooked broccoli spears with chilli. I love plates of food that can be grazed and picked at; this was definitely one of the best I have had in a long time and came with fresh Italian breads and a bowl of luscious extra virgin olive oil. Based on that one dish alone, I will certainly be going back there on my return as it is well worth a visit if ever you are in Cornwall.

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