Monday, 1 June 2009

Colours Green at the Mercado

The central mercardo is a fortnightly event that happens in Guatemala City, and seems to take over acres of the city with myriad explosions of colour, sights, sounds and alluring smells. My first trip there had my heart racing; I've always been partial to a market or two, be it fish, fauna or flea, markets are always somewhere I want to be as they never cease to inspire me with their rich soups of activity and cultural diversity, however mundane or exciting the location.
This market has to be in my top ten of markets I have ever visited - because of the sheer multitude of beautiful things to admire and ponder over, but also for the fascinating cultural richness that was also on show, played out on pavements and under awnings. All of the beautifully fresh ingredients are laid out temptingly by the largely Mayan vendors - the produce is organic by default, and grown up in the cooler mountainous regions of the country. The indigenous Mayan women travel in from all parts of the country, their wares bundled in coloured cloth and displayed lovingly the morning sun.
As you have probably gathered from my blog by now, I am a bit obsessed with colour, so in the spirit of trying to be creative with what I post, I have decided to post up these photos in colour groups; green, orange, red and blue.
Here's to green; cactus leaves and various fresh herbs, luscious avocados, spinach greens, palm flowers and fragrant bananas, green to vivid yellow.

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