Friday, 23 April 2010

Edible Manhattan - food publishing cool

I came across this magazine a year or two ago, and have to say it is right up there in front, as the arbiter of food culture and food cool in Manhattan. I love the articles, unpretentious writing and fashion-cum-rock 'n' roll photography. The covers are awesome (they remind me of Face magazine somehow), and I feel they truly capture the spirit of the Manhattan food scene, without the pretentious foodie bullshit that is rife in other food publications.

If anyone at Edible wants a London voice - do get in touch...

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rachel said...

Why thank you, Urban Foodie! I'm really stunned by your nice words about our magazines. And don't forget to check out Edible Brooklyn, too! That's That one we launched in between East End and Manhattan. It had one of my favorite covers ever: A photo of a raw egg in the middle of a piece of white toast on a griddle at a breakfast restaurant called Egg. (I am headed there today, with any luck.)

Thanks again and please keep reading!
Rachel W., Deputy Editor, Edible Manhattan & Edible Brooklyn