Friday, 4 June 2010

Gazetteer: Mercado de San Miguel, Madrid

Mercado de San Miguel is a real foodie haven in the middle of Madrid, and was a real find. A historic Art Nouveau covered market that dates back from 1911, the Mercado is now teeming with sellers, purveyors and food stalls selling hot squid ink and salt cod croquettas, oysters from the Atlantic coast and a dizzying array of delicious pintxos served with glasses of bubbling Cava. There are also specialist stores selling Jamon, Bread and pastries, wine fruits and vegetables (including Cacao pods) and a fishmonger selling the famous Percebes from Galicia, as well as all sorts of sea urchins, crustacea and flat fish.
Well worth checking out if you are in Madrid, it gets very busy at the weekend and at lunchtimes.


Paula said...

God, that looks good. Is the 3rd picture down of cocoa pods? That would be amazing

I heart cupcakes said...

Fabulous!! We are off to Madrid in less than a month and will definitely be visiting. The cocoa pods look fantastic, a work colleague brought me one back from Ghana at Christmas!

ruairi said...


I remember you from masterchef!( best poached quail eggs ive ever seen buddy!)

Beautiful site, really inspiring...i have lots to learn here :-)

Scarlett said...

Beautiful photos-thanks!

Anonymous said...

Steven I love your blog, please keep it up it's so inspiring, you have great taste.