Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Junior Masterchef at Kimbolton School

Nearly three weekends ago, Hannah and I were invited to judge the pupils at Kimbolton School's Junior Masterchef competition, ran by their fabulous Home Economics tutor, Clare Bennett. Meeting Clare for the first time took me back to my own Home Ec classes, and with her limitless enthusiasm and patience I had wished I was back at school and in her class. The room was stuffed with great books and kitchen paraphernalia, and all the walls were covered with articles on food from every cultural dimension. However, the real stars that day were the wonderful pupils who cooked and stunned Hannah and me with their mix of calm confidence and cheekiness, each of which were just such exceptionally good cooks. The competition took place during the school's open day which added even more pressure to the competition as parents and prospective pupils were also milling about whilst their dishes were being prepared. What was brilliant was the level of passion and expertise each pupil displayed through creating their menus. Some of them included apple snow, pan fried mackerel with toasted oatmeal and a very fine rack of lamb. To Hannah's delight there were many delicious desserts made, including some delicious shortbread with raspberries and clotted cream and a lemon cheesecake. The youngest competitor was 11, with the eldest being 15, here's what they cooked:

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