Friday, 26 October 2007

Salmon Ceviche with Mandarin & Grapefruit

Seeing as I'm feeling nostalgic about Summer today, here's another post about what has to be one of the easiest things to make, that is a joy to eat. Ceviche is a great starter for substantial meal ahead, the almost creamy fish cooked in fresh, astringent juices of citrus fruits. Salmon is an obvious choice of fish, as is tuna, but more delicate white fish like Bass, Sole, and Snapper work equally well. The Japanese sweet shrimp are also rather good too and are delicious either eaten raw or with this method of preparation. Ceviche always calls for crunch and herbal notes to go with it, salads of cucumber, mooli, various micro herbs and cress, fancy leaves and flowers are always great last minute additions to the plate. To add extra flavour I also used a Mandarin balsamic, and a Mandarin infused olive oil with the juice of half a yellow grapefruit.
Having thinly sliced the fish, I mixed the juice, Mandarin balsamic and oil, salt and seasonings, then poured over the fish. Leave for 10 minutes and dress with leaves.
For a more substantial meal serve with steamed rice and finely chopped nori sheets and mixed sesame seeds.

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vida said...

Steven, I absolutely love the way you present your raw materials, you are very creative... Vida x