Friday, 26 October 2007

Memories of our scant Summer - Lemon Sole with wild Asparagus, roasted tomatoes and a Lemon Verbena butter

I know this isn't a seasonal dish, but as we are now hurtling towards the long, dark nights here in Blighty I feel the need for light, bright foods and flavours of the Summer. This probably has a lot to do with the lack of sun we had this year and my constant craving for warmer climes. This dish I cooked for Tess and Russell, who being the great friends they are, sat patiently in the garden drinking wine as I played in the kitchen. This dish came about from my stumbling across Lemon Verbena, a herb that I have always loved because of it's incredible grassy, lemony fragrance which for me evokes memories of wildly grown kitchen gardens.
Having the herb in hand, I figured that a light, delicate fish would work well with this, as would wild asparagus that was in season at the time. Early vine tomatoes, slowly roasted with fine shards of garlic added colour and a sweet sharpness and contrast to the fish and the subtlely fragranced, lemony butter sauce.


Julia said...

That looks stunning - so colourful, just what we could do with on these grey days.

Steven said...

Thanks Julia!!! The colour of food is so important to me, and I really believe that all that colour has a positive effect on us if we eat it... I know Allegra McEvedy has done a book alomg that theme.
Looking forward to seeing more of your great recipes, Steve.