Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Sunday Lunch at Hannah's - Roasted Chicken with Garlic Scapes and Lemons

I am going to see Hannah this weekend, as we are both judging a cookery competition in her local school. I think it will be quite a hoot, and fascinating to see what they cook as I'm sure there are plenty of those children who will be pretty good I'm sure. I remember my home economics classes at school which were secretly one of my favourite lessons, one dish in particular that was a great success were meatballs in tomato sauce, bought home lovingly on the school bus in my Mum's best tupperware. Oh those were the days! Anyways, here's a post from some months ago when Hannah, Bree and I got together for Sunday Lunch at Hannah's, which as you can imagine was a foodie's paradise. I cooked the savouries and Hannah the sweets, it was a great afternoon and one of those days I wished would go on and on.
I had brought from my butcher these two Label Anglaise Chickens (fabulous for curries and roasts and definately worth the extra), and the curious looking garlic scapes that I had only ever seen in garden centres. These I used in a stuffing with butter and two beautiful sicillian lemons, with plenty going under the skin of the breasts. The birds were roasted for a good hour to an hour and a half until golden and crispy skinned and cooked through inside. These were served with kale (blanched in chicken stock) with pancetta and charlock flowers, and carrots with ginger butter. Hannah always pulled all the stops out and made her fabulous Tobelerone tiramisu and profiteroles with white chocolate and lavender cream. Heaven!

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Gloria said...

Dear Steven, so nice your blog and I love the pictures, hey!! you will be stay with Hannah, I always visit her blog (is nice) say hello to her from me (Gloria)I mail with my name. I love her recipes and pictures too. Regards from me, Gloria/Canela