Thursday, 15 November 2007

Fillet of Beef with Wild herbs, Roasted Shallots with Thyme

Laden with so much fresh bounty from the market, I had decided whilst at the market what to cook for the planned dinner party. Having bought a delicious looking piece of beef fillet I decided to utilise the bundles of different herbs that I purchased.
The beef was served with shallots that I roasted whole in their skins with thyme, their soft innards easily got at by squishing with a the back of a fork. I love to cook fillet of beef rare, or even blue. The added crust of herbs adds a contrasting flavour, and works well served with a homemade aioli, flavoured with smoked garlic or saffron.

Fillet of beef rolled in wild herbs:
Serves 6

1kg of Beef Fillet (expensive but definately worth it)
Large bunch of mixed fresh herbs:
25 ml Olive Oil

Firstly chop the bundles of herbs finely, without bruising them too much. Roll the beef in olive oil to coat, then roll in the chopped herbs until the meat has a wonderful green coating. Season well and sear the fillet in a hot baking tray on all sides, taking care not to burn the herbs. Once seared on all sides, transfer to a hot oven (220c) and cook for 20 mins. Take the meat out of the oven and let it rest for a further ten minutes. Serve with the roasted shallots and homemade aioli.

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vida said...

I read further and realise it was a dinner party... I had a sense that it was way too special to eat alone!!! Wish AGAIN, you had of invited me, I would have bought a HUGE smile and some wine!! Vida x