Thursday, 15 November 2007

Tiger tomato, Radish & Cress Salad with a Horseradish Vinaigrette

I know this salad hardly warrants a mention as this really is a case of throwing a few very good ingredients together, however I am going to ramble on about it as in its simplicity lies its magic. Because beef was the star of the show, it required an accompaniment worthy enough to stand up to its big, rich flavours. Enter the tiger tomato, painted with stripes of green with a deep, tart acidity. Next radish, peppery hot, crisp and crunchy, palate cleansing stuff. Lastly a vinaigrette with horseradish grated in, to add that intense fieriness and a little sweetness from a drizzle of thyme honey to accentuate the tomatoes. Finally, a scattering of mustard cress, again adding heat but on a different level, and pretty too into the bargain.

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vida said...

This looks delicious, I hope you had company and they appreciated this fabulous fare!! Vida x