Wednesday, 28 November 2007

some of the trimmimgs...

A good festive bird always needs plenty of trimmings. However, rather than opting on too many, I decided to focus on a few key ones, which meant (shock horror!) not serving potatoes. I admit that a good roast is never the same without crispy roast potatoes (especially fabulous when cooked in goose fat), but I figured as there is a whole dinner to contend with, the potatoes would do good to be left off the menu to allow precious room for other courses. As this was a festive feast, I decided to cook a pot of red cabbage with juniper berries and port - all dark and aromatic, steamed carrots with tarragon butter, and for the starch lovers among us, roasted parsnips finished off with a drizzle of Italian chestnut honey. Another key component was cranberry sauce - made with fresh cranberries and cooked with the zest and juice of half an orange to add some extra tang.

For the Braised Red Cabbage:
1 large Red Cabbage
12/15 Juniper berries
1 Banana Shallot
500ml Chicken Stock
250 ml Port
15ml aged Balsamic Vinegar

Sweat the shallot in a little olive oil until translucent, adding the crushed juniper berries after 15 minutes or so. Allow them to release their flavour for a few minutes then added the shredded cabbage. Stir the cabbage until it is well coated then add the chicken stock, season well. Place the lid on the pan and allow to cook down on a simmer for 20 mins, until the cabbage starts to soften. At this point, turn up the heat then add the port. Allow the most of the alcohol to burn off, then replace the lid and simmer gently for 45 minutes, stirring occaissionally. Once the red cabbage is soft and silky, reduce its cooking liquor and add the balsamic vinegar, cooking until it is deep and aromatic. This is fabulous with game birds, and also rather good with the additions of apple, chilli flakes and orange zest and juice...

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Anthony said...

Hang on a minute ... back up!


Now as amazed as I am at

a) your talent
b) you imagination
c) the pictures of this feast

NO roast is complete without roasted potatos.

Maximum award has dropped from douze points to dix points.

Je suis désolé