Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Noella's Pumpkin Pie (recipe supplied by Dr.Nicole..) with a Hazelnut honey and Maple Semifreddo

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without Pumpkin Pie. This pie is in fact a tart (I am going on the assumption that a pie by definition has a pastry lid), with a sweet filling of pumpkin and various spices. As I had busied myself with the bird, Noel made this rather gorgeous pie that was the perfect Thanksgiving pudding.
To compliment the pie's velvety richness, I made a semifreddo (an Italian frozen cream that is half set - hence semifreddo), with hazelnuts steeped in honey, maple syrup & candied clementines.


Anthony said...

Sounds interesting

Steven said...

Hi Anthony,
I don't have the recipe for the Pumpkin Pie, but I can post the recipe for the semifreddo if you like..

Anthony said...
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