Monday, 18 May 2009

Off to pastures new...

The start of this year had a distinct air of change about it. I figured it was time to spread my wings and see a bit more of the world, and to put into context the amazing events of the past few years. The doom and gloom and daily grind of London started to nag away, along with anxieties about my next steps as a chef, writer, consultant or whatever. So I have decided to put my life in London on hold and head out in search of all sorts of experiences that I'm sure will colour my life and imagination.
My first stop is Central America, then onto South America and New Zealand. From here on I will endeavour to capture my thoughts and observations as I travel, with a bias on food - but I'll also post up other random nonsense too, just for the hell of it.
Happy reading.


santos. said...

i wish you great adventures and happy travelling!

Steven Wallis said...

Thanks so much! I really love your blogs - they are so intoxicatingly good.. S

Fran said...

Hi Steven,

I see you are coming to New Zealand. If you make it to Wellington you have to visit our fav restaurant Monsoon Poon, visited by many celebs and famous chefs ... the food's pretty good too!!!
We wish you well on your travels and hope to see you here soon.

Fran and Glen

Steven Wallis said...

Thanks for the recommendation Fran, will definitely check it out. I will be working as a Chef-in-Residence when I get to NZ, at a Maori vineyard in the Marlborough region. Very excited about coming!
Kind regards. Steven.

Fran said...
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