Sunday, 30 September 2007

Grilled Chicken breast with Chargrilled Pepper & Tomato Chutney

The second installment of yesterday's lunch was created using these beautiful peppers and tomato and an organic chicken breast. The breast was butterflied and marinated in some good oil, lemon zest, lemon juice and sea salt.
With this I made a warm chutney that was oozing with rich flavours, and simply made by sweating an onion, to which I added a chopped tomato and the peppers (that had previously been chargrilled on a naked flame - then placed inside a plastic bag to ease the removal of the skins) and a whole chilli to add background heat. I then added about a tablespoon of white wine vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar. I cooked it down for a further 10 minutes, making sure that there were still had a rustic consistency.
The chicken breast was grilled and then sliced and placed upon a slice of toasted sourdough bread, with the chutney spooned over the top. I topped it with peashoots that were to hand, but rocket or flat leaf parsley would be excellent here too.

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