Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Last weekend's finds at Borough Market

One of my first pitstops in Borough Market is Tony Booth's. Once I'd had what are probably the best cappuccinos in London (from Monmouth Coffee Shop), I always head over to see Tony or Harry (pictured looking resplendent in orange) to see what's in season. Those boys always have such fantastic produce, both locally sourced and exotic. The fruit and veg are always amazing and are such a visual feast - just being amongst them gets me fired up and wanting to cook. As well as these, they are also renowned for their excellent array of wild mushrooms which when in season as they are now, never disappoint - last Saturday there were ceps, girolles, black trompettes and
the white, ethereal puffball mushrooms. Other gems were lusciously ripe muscat grapes, sweet and full of heady perfumed juice. Rainbow chard also ended up in my bag, as I couldn't resist those colours and the fresh, squeaky leaves. As my fridge was heaving with goodies from the market, I over the course of the weekend cooked up lots of dishes including the following:
A Saturday night supper of Casarecci pasta with the sauteed swiss chard, pine nuts and shavings of Pecorino. Sunday Brunch starred a thick slice of the puffball, cooked in a little bacon fat rendered from a few rashers of bacon, served on some griddled sourdough toast and topped with a fried egg. Lastly the muscat grapes played a perfect role in Monday's supper - (I got inspired and followed the black theme here) and made a beetroot rosti, topped with seared chicken livers and sweet sour warm chutney of the grapes, shallots and toasted coriander seeds. For contrast I just added a scant sprinkle of capers tossed in a little olive oil and orange zest.

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