Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Supper with Harriet Jenkins

Having first met Harriet during the semis of Masterchef, I knew we would become great mates as I am so fond of her love of all things gamey, and her fabulous sense of style and wry wit. Needless to say I never need much of an excuse to cook for my mates, and Harriet is no exception. As we are both often running around like blue-arsed flies, it was great to get together to eat, drink and catch up on life's events. I decided to treat Harry to something remotely gamey, and of course quails (one of my all time favourite foods) sprang to mind. I stuffed the boned quails with chicken livers seared with a good slosh of armagnac, thyme leaves and seasoning. These were held together with a cocktail stick, then browned in a pan and roasted in an oven for 10/12 mins until beautifully pink and juicy. I served the quails with puy lentils cooked with a base of fine mirepoix and chicken stock. I finished the dish with a pear and spinach puree which added a light, minerally freshness to counter the richness of he quail and livers. Being the foodies we are, no meal would be complete without a pud - so I made a luscious Tarte Tatin for Harry and me, simple and unadulterated, it's caramelised apple stickiness balanced with spoonfulls of soured creme fraiche which melted slowly with the still warm tarte. Foodie heaven I'd say!!

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