Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Smoking fetish...

I have to admit that I have got quite a thing for smoked foods. For the past year or two I can't seem to get enough of smoked foods and their layers of flavour. Smoking in my eyes should be about adding nuance and subtle flavour to foods, from duck, quails, fish, shellfish (smoked scallops and eels are food of the gods!), as well as vegetables like tomatoes, aubergines, potatoes and even apple, peaches and pears. One of most fabulous store cupboard ingredients I have come across is Halen Mon's smoked salt which is so amazing with something as comforting as a soft boiled egg and soldiers, but equally good with carpaccio of beef and a velvety saffron aioli.
During the Summer I found a stall at Broadway Market in Hackney selling smoked mussels that were quickly partnered with grilled, garlic rubbed crostini and lemony Greek yoghurt. Flowers and flourishes are optional - but I served these with a good bottle of Pinot Gris.

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Pete said...

Have you tried the smoked cherry tomatoes at Borough Market? They are good. And Korean smoked oysters on toast, mmmmmmmmm, seriously addictive.